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Weeks-Old South Florida Bikini Coffee Bar Closes Abruptly

Bikinii Coffee in Riviera Beach closes

Facebook Photo by Bikinii Coffee

A man who tried to introduce the bikini barista concept to Riviera Beach in Florida’s Palm Beach County has shuttered  Bikinii Coffee after less than a month in business. The concept behind the shop was to have young female baristas in patriotic-themed bikinis serving coffee along with light lunch and dinner fare. It is not clear which was more unprepared for the retail operation, the Riviera Beach market or owner Ray Webber:

“Yes I have closed and will have equipment auction March 19 (Tuesday). I came 2 realize after 2 weeks I am not cut out 4 food service industry. 2 time consuming,” Webber told the Broward Palm Beach New Times in an email.


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