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Google’s First BufferBox Inside San Francisco’s Coffee Bar

coffee bar first to accept buffer box

Coffee Bar at 1890 Bryant Street in the Mission

San Francisco’s Coffee Bar is hoping to capitalize on an emerging trend in the parcel delivery industry, as it has become the first location to accept a BufferBox since the Canadian company was acquired by Google.

BufferBox co-founder Mike McCauley told the world Sunday via Twitter about the installation. Tech blog Tech Crunch first reported that Google was planning a Bay Area launch for the BufferBox, which has been operating similar kiosks in the Toronto area.

For those not familiar with the concept, BufferBox is one of now numerous providers of remote parcel pick-up services. A user registers with BufferBox, and they can have packages delivered to any BufferBox location, rather than their home. The benefits? The service prevents packages from being left alone on front doorsteps; it eliminates the need for the consumer to pick the package up at a single FedEx, USPS, or UPS location; and customers can have their items shipped to any BufferBox location for pickup at anytime.

It only makes sense then that San Francisco’s Coffee Bar, which has three locations serving coffees roasted by Mr. Espresso, would welcome a BufferBox installation. The company promotes its stores as community spaces for daily visits. The new BufferBox is at the Mission District Coffee Bar at 1890 Bryant St. Here’s more from Coffee Bar on its open retail philosophy:

We also know that outstanding coffee alone doesn’t make a great cafe. We believe in the idea of the cafe as a social institution, a positive landmark in the community where work gets done, people connect, and ideas are shared. Our open, modern space is the ideal backdrop to any part of your day and we hope you feel the same.

Here is McCauley’s “BOOM!” Instagram photo of the Coffee Bar installation:

first buffer box at san francisco coffee bar


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