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St. Louis-Based Ronnoco Coffee Acquires Nearby International Blends

Ronnoco Coffee Acquires International BlendsSt. Louis-based Ronnoco Coffee has acquired Clinton, Missouri-based International Blends. Both companies distribute coffee to convenience stores, restaurants and offices. Ronnoco is a portfolio company of Detroit-based Huron Capital Partners, which owns a variety of companies, from printers to office furniture manufacturers to plastics molders.

“We are very excited to partner with International Blends and have the opportunity to serve their customer base.  International Blends is a well-known name in its geography and we believe it fits well into the strategic acquisition plan that we are currently pursuing in partnership with Huron Capital,” said Ronnoco CEO Scott Meader.

This may be only the beginning of Ronnoco’s market expansion efforts, since Huron Capital acquired the company last year. “When we partnered with Ronnoco, our plan was to continue growing the business through geographic expansion, new product offerings and strategic acquisitions,”  said Huron Senior Partner John Higgins. “The International Blends acquisition is a great first step and we look forward to pursuing additional acquisition opportunities with the Ronnoco management team.”


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