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Stumptown Coffee Coming to Austin’s Cutest New Retail Spot

Friends and Neighbors store coffee

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Friends and Neighbors is a new cafe, wine bar, fashion boutique, grocery and household goods store concept coming to East Austin — all inside a small residential home. (Map view)

It sounds like an inventory storage nightmare, but the idea is to create a welcoming retail space with a highly curated selection of high-end goods and comestibles that may not be otherwise found locally. For coffee, the Friends and Neighbors team is turning to Portland’s Stumptown, with a small, to-order cafe helmed by Mercedez Singleton.

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Here is more on the concept from Friends and Neighbors:

Touring the Friends & Neighbors home, guests will uncover a mix of vintage treasures, pieces from emerging designers and established brands unique to the Austin area. Each room of the house offers a unique design inspiration to complement the goods that reflect the function of that particular part of the home.  The living room will include a mix of vintage clothing, accessories, and jewelry edited by Bradshaw along with extraordinary home goods. In the bathroom, expect an eclectic mix of soaps, beauty products, towels and linens. The bedroom will exude a boudoir feel with tent-like dressing rooms constructed from vibrant textiles in different patterns and colors.  A seasonal room that will also serve as a space to showcase collaborations–imagine a pop-up library or music room–will launch in February 2014 along with a kids’ room featuring clothing, books, toys and decor.

Culture Map has more specifics on the cafe:

For the cafe, the owners are sourcing simple, high-quality goodies to be served alongside wine, beer and coffee from Portland’s beloved Stumptown Coffee Roasters. Under General Manager Mercedes Singleton, who cut her chops at Brooklyn’s famed Marlowe & Daughters, expect to find a place to simply take a seat and enjoy your surroundings. “We don’t want fancy drinks or fancy food, we just want a comfortable place to be,” says Place-Mathews.

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Awesome! Because if there’s one thing East Austin needs is yet another hipster enclave colonizing a once vibrant working-class minority neighborhood. Can’t wait!


It’s a shame these new cafes in Austin are not using locally roasted coffee. All they do is tout “shop local” and “eat local”. There are lots of great roaster options in town that would love to have their business.

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