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Slayer Made a Frigging Gold Espresso Machine

gold espresso machine

Slayer’s gold espresso machine. All photos courtesy of Slayer Espresso.

Espresso equipment manufacturer Slayer — known for custom machines with highly stylized and distinctive group heads, levers and legs — has created a 24-carat-gold-plated espresso machine. It is, as you would expect, a stunner, featuring three group heads; padauk wood accessories, trim and handles; and loads and loads of gold.

The machine was ordered not by the King of France but by Doce Coffee and Brigadeiro, a New York coffee shop and bakery scheduled to open this summer in New York City, at 328 W. 15th Street in Chelsea. The shop will have a focus on South American coffees and baked goods, and Slayer says Doce owner Richard Agudelo wanted a machine that would celebrate two of Colombia’s most prized natural resources: gold and coffee.

Slayer says the machine, which sold for God-knows-what, was the last custom job out of its original production studio in the Ranier Brewery space. In a company announcement released yesterday, Slayer said, “Today, all manufacturing has been moved to a new and larger facility, which will allow for increased production and additional options for customization.”

We promise more on that as it develops. For now, just look at this thing:

gold tamper espresso

The custom tamper with gold plating and padauk wood.

gold espresso plating

Gold. Much gold.

The 3-group espresso machine for Doce

The 3-group espresso machine for Doce





Gross. Just plain gross. There are many great things happening in NY coffee right now, this is certainly not one of them.


That going to look great next to some stark white walls, custom thrown ceramics, and on a bar that has a marble top with a hexagonal tile face…


I remember my first experience with a Slayer Machine. Was in Thor Espresso Bar in Toronto. Made to look like a Viking boat. I fell in love. Saw another one, this time a 1 -group, at a tiny espresso stand (same city) a few days later. Have been looking at one, wistfully, over the years. Yes, my Breville is just fine…….don’t judge. We all visit websites that we are kind of embarrassed by and look at stuff that excites us.

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