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Blue Ice, Glass Beakers and Yellow Hazmat Suits at Walter’s Coffee in Istanbul


A new roastery and café in the Moda neighborhood of Istanbul, Turkey, has obsessively followed a “Breaking Bad” theme, including blue ice candy, coffee drinks served in beakers, and employees in bright yellow hazmat suits.

Walter’s Coffee Roastery is a project led by Deniz Kosan, who initially named the shop Heisenberg Coffee and Roastery Super Lab, a reference to the alter-ego of the character Walter White, played by Bryan Cranston on the popular AMC show, which ran for five seasons between 2008 and 2013. That fact makes 2015 kind of an odd launch date for a Breaking Bad-themed business, but Kosan and his team seem to be following their hearts here, also including occasional nods to fictional superheroes such as Batman and Superman.

The roastery itself, separated by yellow-rimmed glass partitions to maximize views from the front of the house, remarkably resembles the crystal meth production set in the television show. The main retail area, however, breaks from the show — instead of a large industrial laundry facility, which acted as an above-ground front for the meth lab, the café includes a lovely modern decor with clean surfaces such as white subway tile and light-hued wood.

In addition to fresh-roasted single-origin coffees and espresso drinks, Walter’s does have a food menu that includes traditional American breakfast and fresh baked goods. Is a Los Pollos Hermanos fried chicken basket too much too ask?

(all photos by Walter’s Coffee Instagram)


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