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Fellow Products’ Stagg Kettle Strong-Arms the Pourover Scene

stagg kettle fellow

All photos courtesy of Fellow Products

Coming soon to discerning kitchens and potentially also those commercial brew bars with up-to-the-minute gear is the Stagg Kettle, a newly refined iteration of the gooseneck pourover kettle from Fellow Products, the makers of the Duo Coffee Steeper. Currently available for discounted preorder on the Fellow company website, only 1000 units are intended for production this calendar year, a fact which the company hopes will encourage its early adopters to act fast.

The handsome Stagg kettle comes either in polished stainless or matte black finish. Both are compatible with gas and electric ranges, although only the steel will play nice with induction. The brawny looking handle isn’t just stout for appearances’ sake — weighing in at five ounces by itself, the hefty pistol grip-like handle houses a steel slug as a counterweight to the water in the kettle, and a flat area at the top for dexterity options, all of which purportedly provides a more comfortable, accurate and controllable balance in the pouring hand.

stagg kettle fellow

Another handy addition is an analog thermometer with the SCAA’s recommended brew temperature range highlighted on its dial, mounted through the center of the lid with its sensor descending into the water within. Such a tool indicates the product’s aim at home-based “coffee nerds,” as in the big leagues, baristas don’t necessarily have time to wait around for water to rise or drop into the zone, which is why digital controls tend to be the norm in commercial environments.

While Fellow’s earlier product, the Duo brewer, targeted people with limited experience in manual brew methods, the Stagg kettle is poised to appeal to users looking for an easy entry into the more advanced territory of the pourover method — a method that relies on natural human movement. “I think that ritual is something a lot of coffee nerds enjoy taking the time to do,” Fellow PR rep Hanna McPhee told Daily Coffee News. “I definitely think that the look, the feel, and the handsomeness of the Stagg go well with that ritual.”

Meanwhile, with its 304 18/8 stainless steel construction and striking appearance, image-conscious cafés will surely enjoy strutting with a Stagg at their pourover stations, and in fact more than one has already expressed interest, according to the Fellow team. “We’ve had a couple folks try it out,” said McPhee. “We’re reaching out to baristas and third wave coffee shops to see if they are interested in using Stagg for commercial use. We’re pretty new at dealing with wholesale/retail and won’t have the final word for some time.”

With the manly-man sub-niche of specialty coffee on the rise — the espresso and whiskey bars, the barber and coffee shop combos — the brute form of the Stagg, particularly “murdered out” in matte black, will almost definitely find a few commercial takers sooner rather than later. “There are a lot of other pourover kettles that have what I would say is a more delicate, feminine design,” said McPhee, giving the Kalita Thin Spout and Wave Pot as examples. “They’re really beautiful kettles, but they also have kind of a French café feel. The inspiration for the Stagg kettle was to go a little bit more masculine, a little bit more industrial. More of a severe design.” McPhee said Fellow hopes the angularity and strong appearance befit their seeming functionality, but also stand out for their boldness.


The Stagg Kettle is available for preorder now in stainless for $50, matte black for $60. Prices go up by ten dollars in November and again to the full respective MSRPs of $70 and $80 in December. Beyond that, 2016 will bring further expansion of the Fellow line of coffee products. “By the end of 2016 we hope to have a full catalog of quirky coffee products that take a new approach to how people are brewing now,” said McPhee, who added that Fellow will be doing a “big design session” this October to generate ideas for future quirks.




I’m sooo disappointed in their customer service. My kettle was sent to a wrong address and no one is responding to any of my please on social media channels or any of their posted emails.

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