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Buckman Coffee Factory Hosting Second Cascadia Roasters Competition

It’s been just over two years since sisters Joey and Cassy Gleason of the Portland, Oregon, roastery Marigold Coffee opened Buckman Coffee Factory in the heart of a roastery-heavy stretch of the city’s central east side neighborhood.

While expanding and refining its range of roasting-focused services since then — including roaster-sharing, micro-warehousing, green coffee sales, training and other educational programming — Buckman Coffee Factory is soon to host the second annual Cascadia Cup Roasters Competition.

Roast magazine is joining green coffee specialty coffee importer Genuine Origin and brewing equipment manufacturer Curtis as a sponsor of this year’s competition, where a modest $60 fee gives roasters access to 20 pounds of competition coffee. Competitors have the option of roasting coffee on their own equipment or on one of Buckman’s numerous machines within the facility’s roasting room.

Pickup for the competition coffee begins Thursday, Oct. 26, and 2.5 pounds of roasted coffee are due back to Buckman by Thursday, Nov. 9, at 3 p.m. for judging. Buckman is also encouraging roasters from throughout the Pacific Northwest and from farther afield to participate through mail arrangements. The competition will include a free-to-attend event on Nov. 11, during which the Cup champion will be crowned.

For more on the event, which will benefit the nonprofit World Coffee Research, check out the Eventbrite page.


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