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Franke Hires Former Nespresso Executive Marco Zancolò to Lead Coffee Business


Commercial kitchen appliance specialist Franke Group has announced that former Nespresso executive Marco Zancolò will be taking the helm of its global coffee division, Franke Coffee Systems.

Zancolò, a 53-year-old originally from Italy, joins Franke after spending the past 16 years in various positions with Nespresso. He most recently served as the head of Nespresso’s European business. He succeeds Thomas P. Meier, who left the company of his own accord in March this year, according to Franke.

Marco Zancolo

Marco Zancolò. Franke Group photo.

Switzerland-based Franke’s most recent major move in the coffee world came in July when the company acquired a majority stake in the Italian espresso machine company Dalla Corte. At the time, company representatives signaled their desire not only to expand to new markets, but to extend its reach into the semi-automatic espresso category, including in high-end home and commercial settings.

“I am delighted that we have been able to fill this important position so perfectly,” Franke Group CEO Patrik Wohlhauser said in a company announcement on Friday. “Marco Zancolò is a manager with international experience and boasts excellent leadership and organizational skills. He has in-depth knowledge and many years of experience in sales and marketing in the coffee industry, particularly in the B2B business. He will focus in particular on the further development of our digital efforts and achieving growth targets in the North American and Asian markets.”


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