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Daily Coffee News Community Forum


Forum Rules

Thank you for your participation and interest in the Daily Coffee News Forum. We strive to keep the Daily Coffee Forum respectful, enjoyable and helpful for members of all ages. Please read the following guidelines before posting. All forum visitors and users must also recognize the Daily Coffee News Terms of Service and Privacy Policy. Users must be logged in to participate in the discussion. Log in here.

Self-Promotion is Spam

All posts are read by a moderator. If we catch questionable content, it will immediately be edited or removed for futher investigation. Any post that is considered advertising for self-interests, including the promotion of products or business services will be considered spam and will be subject to removal. While you are allowed to promote your web site(s) in your signature, you are not permitted to post links to sites you run or are in any way affiliated with in your posts. In addition, users are not permitted to post any kind of affiliate program link with referrer IDs. Violators who post promotional content mey be permanently banned.

Language and Trolling

Vulgar language is not allowed. This constitutes the use of any kind of offensive, discriminatory, or otherwise inappropriate material deemed unsafe or even unfriendly. Posts with inappropriate language may be deleted and users using inappropriate language may be permanently banned. Please do not post provocative, outrageous, or pointless messages only to get a response from others, i.e. “trolling.” Lastly, if it becomes clear that a user has no intention of positively contributing to coffee-related discussions or communicates in an abrasive or combative manner, that user may be banned.

Personal Attacks

No personal attacks or insults will be tolerated. Any user found attacking or defaming an individual or organization is likely to be banned.


If you have something to post and you’re not sure which board it belongs in, do not post it in more than one board. If the moderators believe it would fit better in another location, they reserve the right to place it there.