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Daily Coffee News by Roast Magazine Ad Specs

Ads must not be designed to blend in with the site, mimic editorial fonts/colors, include fake form elements or incorporate graphic symbols that represent non-existent functionality. If the creative has the same background color as the site, it must contain a visible border.

File Types Accepted


No animation allowed

Resolution and Color

72 dpi, RGB only

Click-Through URL

Click URL must be included when creative files are submitted. Length cannot exceed 1,000 characters.


Top: 612×90 Banner (file size limit: 60k)

Bottom: 612×90 Banner (file size limit: 60k)

Vertical Rectangles: 120×240 (file size limit: 40k)


Top: Non Standard: 970×60 Banner (file size limit: 80k)

Sidebar Rectangles: 300×250 (file size limit: 60k)

Inside Banners: 612×90 Banner (file size limit: 60k)

Sidebar Half Page: 300×600 (file size limit: 80k)

Footer Button: 125×125 (file size limit: 20k)