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Unifying Rebranding Effort May Be Underway for Expanding Stumptown

Stumptown may launch rebranding effort

Stumptown’s cold brew bottles. Facebook photo

As 14-year-old Stumptown Coffee Roasters continues to grow its presence in Portland, Seattle, New York and (coming soon) Los Angeles, a unifying rebranding effort may be on the way. This according to  Skip Colombo, head of accounts at the Portland-based coffee company, who spoke yesterday in Portland at the 2013 Small Agency Awards program and conference presented by Ad Age.

Reporting for Imedia Connection, Kent Lewis of Anvil Media has more from Colombo and the conference:

Brand recognition today is largely due to the unique product packaging (including a card with each package outlining the location and history of the farm).  Wholesale signage has also been a key differentiator for retailers.

The founder, Duane, originally allowed six different logos, which has diluted brand equity and will be addressed in an upcoming rebrand. There are nearly 20 secondary marks that will also be addressed. The company is now branching off into merchandising, with products like (sometimes controversial) mugs. Each city has unique collateral that reflects the location. The website has been completely redesign, which now receives a good deal of traffic and focus for information flow. Next step is to build out the Cold Brew product line.

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