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Video: Rage-Filled Woman with Telekinetic Powers Destroys Manhattan Coffee Shop

What happens when a woman with incredible telekinetic powers and a raging temper begins unleashing the fury of hell in a coffee shop? We have video to find out.

In an effort to promote the remake of the classic horror film Carrie, the creative firm Thinkmodo rigged the Manhattan coffee shop ‘Snice with remote controlled tables, chairs and books, then filled it with actors, one of whom gets hurled into a wall and shot up it like a rag doll by the rage-fueled star.

The takeway for coffee shop operators? In the event of an horrific telekinetic meltdown, your patrons are unlikely to step in and diffuse the situation — even the big construction worker guy with the large blunt object is panic-struck. Alas, it is up to you and your staff.


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