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Swedish Roastery Drop Coffee Praised for Cardboard Box Package Design

drop coffee packaging

Photo by designer Simon Ålander

Cost, aesthetic appeal and functionality for the retailer and the consumer. These are the primary elements of retail coffee packaging, all of which are beautifully achieved in an elegant approach from Swedish roastery Drop Coffee, according to a small case study from the popular package design blog The Dieline.

The distinguishing element of Drop’s packaging is the use of cardboard box (with a simple clear plastic bag with a degassing valve holding the coffee inside), rather than a traditional bag or can. As an unnamed Drop source told Dieline:

“The design of most coffee packaging is made to be good for the producers and the industry. Not the consumer. We had a strong feeling that we had to give the buyer a feeling of food production security on the one hand and a small roastery craftmanship on the other.”

Drop coffee website

Drop coffee packaging presented on the Drop website.

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With the 12-ounce boxes retailing for approximately $18 USD, Drop says a goal of the printed boxes was to help reinforce in consumers’ minds the value of the coffee inside: Drop has provided winning coffees for the Nordic Barista Cup, among other events, and the company maintains a commitment to fair and sustainable relationships with its supplying farmers. But the packaging also has an incredibly practical value, allowing for a uniform look and stability on the shelf. Said the source, “We are able to display the coffee on the shelf without the bottom ones getting damaged and the bags from falling.”

The design was led by Swedish designer Simon Ålander. For more info and photos, check out the full Dieline profile.