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Supermodel Gisele Bündchen Joins Rainforest Alliance Board of Directors

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The Rainforest Alliance has added some serious star power to its board of directors with the appointment of international supermodel and entrepreneur Gisele Bündchen. The native Brazilian and founder of the Treehugger blog has a history of supporting environmental causes, particularly clean water and rainforest sustainability issues in South America. In 2009, she hosted Rainforest Alliance’s annual gala, and in November 2011, she was awarded “Greenest Celebrity” at the 2011 International Green Awards at the National History Museum of London.

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“We are delighted to welcome Gisele Bündchen to our Board of Directors,” Tensie Whelan, president of the Rainforest Alliance, said in a recent announcement. “Along with her acute business acumen, Gisele brings an authentic passion for environmental issues and social innovation.”

Bündchen will be charged with helping shape the vision, strategic plans and policies that guide the Rainforest Alliance’s development and global sustainability efforts.

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“I have long admired the work of the Rainforest Alliance and its positive impact on the environment. Its mission aligns with my own long-standing commitment to environmental stewardship,” Bündchen said. “As a Rainforest Alliance board member I look forward to calling upon my experience not only as an international spokesperson but as an entrepreneur and global citizen to support the Rainforest Alliance’s on-the-ground efforts.”

The Rainforest Alliance has been adding its certifications to coffees since 1993, most recently promoting its “climate smart” verification program among some 200 coffee farms in Central America.


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