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Custom Machine Builder Slayer Announces First-Ever Stock Model Inventory

slayer stock espresso machine

The Slayer 3-Group Stock Espresso Machine.

For the first time in its eight-year history, Seattle-based espresso machine maker Slayer is carrying an inventory of machines to immediately fulfill orders.

Slayer, which historically custom builds every machine based custom design choices and has an approximately six-week lead time, says the stock inventory models are designed for “simpler tastes” and “leaner budgets.”

The stock models come in single, 2-group or 3-group formations, with black body panels, Slayer’s characteristic X-shaped legs, and Peruvian walnut handles and actuators. All stock models also include a pre-brew timer for each grouphead, as well as a hot water tap.

In an announcement yesterday, Slayer says the ability to carry inventory is a result of improved efficiency at its Seattle studio. Custom Slayer machines are traditionally purchased through local distributors who also can provide parts and service, but Slayer does also work directly with buyers in markets where distributors are unavailable. The company relaunched its online custom shop late last year.