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Dalla Corte Introduces New Double Grinder, the DC Two

dalla corte dc two grinder

The DC Two grinder in “dynamic white.”

Milan-based espresso equipment manufacturer Dalla Corte has introduced the DC Two grinder to its catalogue.

The DC Two effectively replaces the DC II as Dalla Corte’s double grinder, designed for precision-focused but high-volume retail environments. The Two, based on the existing DC One model, includes a new grinding group that Dalla Corte says can provide an even grind down to 0.01 mm through “maximum planarity” between the two overlapping disks. A push of the front panel button on each of the grinder sides corresponds to a 0.01 mm variation of the burrs.

Each grinding chamber also has its own inlet, and each is essentially twice the size of the DC One inlet, allowing for quicker movement through the chamber and softer landing of grounds into the portafilter.

The DC Two has the ability to interface with two of Dalla Corte’s espresso machines, the Pro and the Evo2. Says Dalla Corte, “The dialogue between devices monitors the extraction and automatically adjusts coffee grind and dose if necessary.”

The grinder also includes some advanced features in cooling. The motor’s cooling fan, engaged when a pre-set temperature is exceeded, allows for significantly higher air volume capacity than previous DC models, yet fan rotation speed is proportional to the temperature, reducing unnecessary energy consumption.

dc two grinder dalla corte black

The all black DC Two

With an aluminum body that comes with various options for colors, the grinder was designed by Thomas Liebe of Switzerland, the man behind the design of all of DC’s currently available commercial espresso equipment, and was manufactured at DC’s Baranzate, Milan, plant.

Want specs? We got specs:

  • Hopper capacity: 1 kg (different capacities available upon request)
  • Burr diameter: 65 MM
  • Burr rotations per minute: 1350 rpm
  • Grinding capacity: ca. 3,7 – 4,7 g/s
  • Size (WXHXD): 319 x 570 x 300 MM
  • Weight: 21 KG/24,5 (with packaging)
  • Energy consumption: 650 W
  • Electric supply: 200/240 V 1 Ph, 115 V 1 Ph – 50-60 Hz


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