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Design Details: A Single Piece of Functional Furniture at Roveta in Quito

Roveta Cafe Quito Eama Estudio 1

At the two-story Roveta cafe in Quito, Equador, where slabs of reused pine form a single functional piece.

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Design Details: Roveta Café

  • Project: Roveta Café (Facebook link)
  • Location: Torre Alianza, Quito, Ecuador (Google Maps link)
  • Size: 21 square meters (226 square feet)
  • Open date: 2021
  • Architect: RAMA estudio (Quito)
  • Managing Architects: Carlina Rodas, Felipe Donoso, Carla Chávez
  • Photography by: JAG studio

In a north-central area of Quito, Ecuador, stands Roveta, a small coffee shop with large aspirations to uplift specialty coffee, particularly among nearby office workers.

Roveta Cafe Quito Eama Estudio 4

Inside the shop, reused, treated pine planks help to form a single piece of furniture that serves to unify the space while naturally building in functional areas.

“The construction system is based on a series of frames, joined between them through continuous planks to form a single structural element,” RAMA estudio, the architectural firm behind the design, said in a project description shared with DCN. “The planks, in addition to being structural elements, serve as counters for the preparation of coffee and as storage.”

Roveta Cafe Quito Eama Estudio 5

A small dumbwaiter and pulley system allows cafe items to move from the first-floor preparation area, which includes a small roasting station, to the mezzanine above.

Roveta Cafe Quito Eama Estudio 3

“The piece of furniture generates two differentiated spaces,” the firm said. “On the ground floor, a showroom-type space is proposed, where each action is part of a showcase to appreciate the products, preparation and the coffee roasting process from every angle. The mezzanine is a seating and tasting area surrounded by a continuous bar, from which you can appreciate another perspective of the place and its views.”

Roveta Cafe Quito Eama Estudio 6

Roveta Cafe Quito Eama Estudio 2