U.S. Coffee Consumption Trends, In Bold Neon

March 22, 2013 10:21 am

Chef2Chef.net, a resource for culinary professionals, has put together an infographic showing U.S. consumer coffee drinking trends.

The graphic, “Smells Like Bean Spirit,” borrows data from a recent Dunkin’ Donuts survey related to coffee consumption at the workplace, as well as a 2012 Vending Marketwatch survey on U.S. consumption trends.

Graphic shows US consumer coffee trends

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  • Thank you so much I needed a graph because in my Senior English class we are doing a research paper and I was trying to find the daily consumption of coffee in the United States. I love coffee sooo that is what became of my paper. Thanks :)……….. by the way i didnt copy or anything just needed numbers. 😀

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