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Tipton Mills Adds Heat-Resistant Probiotic to Instant Coffee

Buffalo, N.Y.-based beverage manufacturer Tipton Mills has introduced what it is calling the world’s first probiotic instant coffee.

probiotic instant coffeeThe Tipton Mills-brand product incorporates a patented probiotic known as Ganaden BC30 from an Ohio company called Ganeden Biotech, which says the digestive aid has the ability to survive extreme temperature conditions, making it possible for use in coffee.

“Coffee is one of the two largest selling beverages in the world,” says Mike Bush, vice president of business development at Ganeden Biotech. “Our goal is to improve quality of life through probiotics and it just makes sense to add it to something that consumers are already enjoying on a daily basis.”

The companies first introduced the use of Ganaden BC30 in caffeinated beverages — including chai teas and lattes — in June at the Fancy Food Show. The companies began selling the instant coffee brand last week.

“We were looking for a superior tasting, functional instant coffee compared to the typical freeze dried or spray dried soluble products that are available and we feel that we have that now,” says Wayne Eschberger, vice president of operations at Tipton Mills.


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