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Connecticut Woman to Open Spanish-Inspired Coffee Bar, Lorca

lorca coffee and churros in stamford ct

A woman with an obsession over Spanish churros is opening a new Spanish-inspired coffee bar in Stamford, Conn., which will serve single-cup pour-overs with coffee from Los Angeles’ Handsome Coffee Roasters. With the tagline “Coffee. Churros. Pastries.,”  Lorca is scheduled to open next month at 125 Bedford Street, according to a recent report, the venture of Stamford resident Leyla Dam.

A former barista at Espresso Neat in Darien, Conn., Dam told the Post that she recognizes Starbucks as a competitor, but that she hopes Lorca will provide more coffee-savvy Stamford residents with a higher quality cup inside a more distinctive atmosphere, which will include a hand-painted mural created by Dam’s brother.

“Starbucks has made a niche, but I think people like the feel of somewhere local,” she told “Customers want to support businesses that aren’t large chains.”

Here’s more on the coffee shop concept from the owners:

The concept for lorca came about when an architect with a love for food and coffee found herself unemployed in brooklyn. Having grown up in Spain getting chubby off of churros and drinking cortados at a young age, she developed an unhealthy obsession with both. In 2010, she traveled to Sevilla to learn the art of making churros at a small local shop. in 2011, she began working at an artisan coffee bar in Darien to learn the craft of coffee. in the fall of 2012, Lorca will open and deliver a taste of both experiences to the heart of Stamford.


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