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Ugandan Coffee Farmers Featured in Whole Foods Film Series

A group of religiously diverse coffee farmers who formed a cooperative this in Uganda are the subject of a short film in the Do Something Reel Film Festival, presented by Whole Foods Market.

The cooperative, called Delicious Peace, is composed of Jewish, Christian and Muslim coffee farmers who have been working with a Fair Trade USA-certified buyer. The group is trying to spread a message of peace and improve standards of living in the historically violent country, while trying to raise consciousness about fair wages to consumers in the United States.

“We believe that the central goal of Do Something Reel – educating and inspiring audiences to recognize and use the power of their purchasing decisions to affect change – is a perfect fit for the message of ‘Delicious Peace,'” said Do Something Reel director Curt Fissel. “Specifically, viewers of ‘Delicious Peace’ learn how Fair Trade wages affect the lives of farmers, both in terms of basic living necessities and a commitment to ensuring peaceful relationships.”

Here is the film:


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