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Peruvian Farmers Bring New Mammal to Dung Coffee Craze

peruvian coffee collectiveWith some global coffee consumers willing to pay seemingly anything for whatever has the billing “world’s most expensive coffee,” producers in Peru are mimicking Indonesia’s kopi luwak producers.

Farmers there recently told Reuters that coffee harvested from the dung of coati — a wild, raccoon-like South American mammal — yields similar results to the notoriously smooth coffee harvested from the dunk of kopi luwak, Indonesian palm civets.

Jose Jorge Durand, owner of Peru’s Chanchamayo Highland Coffee collective, said that 60 coati were involved in the production of 990 pounds of coffee this year, the company’s first producing dung coffee. He told Reuters that it has been exported for approximately $36 per pound to the United States, where the coffee is retailing for as much as $270 per pound.

“With this financial crisis, the rich have become richer and don’t know how to spend their money, so this is one option,” Durand told Reuters.

Kopi luwak has faced criticism recently amid allegations of animal abuse, but Durand told the news service that his coati are free range and only occasionally corralled for collections of droppings.



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