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New York Times Pulling Oliver Strand’s Coffee Column, Ristretto

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T Magazine

Oliver Strand has told the Eater that the New York Times is pulling his superb column on coffee, Ristretto, as part of changes to T, the Times’ style and fashion magazine.

With commentary on specialty coffee trends, products and consumer behavior, Strand’s Ristretto column has helped coffee lovers navigate the world of specialty coffee for more than three years. He told Eater that he will continue to write about coffee for the Times, while also working on a coffee-related book. Here’s part of a statement that Strand gave the Eater:

Part of me is surprised/pleased that it ran for as long as it did. Coffee is a particular topic, and I tend to be an esoteric writer – I didn’t mean to go out with a post on a digital scale, but it’s pretty appropriate. Digital scales might seem super-geeky, but now they’re standard equipment for brewing coffee, and Hario recently introduced a model that addressed some scale-y flaws with a gadget that also happens to look good. Plus, I could make an argument for why you should brew coffee in grams. Underline this if you can: I am extremely grateful to Jane Herman Bishop, the editor of the Moment, who gave me a long leash and let the column find its audience.

Strand’s final column, published yesterday, is a commentary on Hario’s V60 digital drip scale. As always, it is a must read.


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