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Mobile Chain Cafe2U to Open 12 U.S. Retail Vans in 2012

cafe2u espresso vanAustralia-based Cafe2U, which opened five franchises in its first year in the U.S. in 2012, says it plans to open 12 more mobile cafe franchises stateside in 2013.

There are currently 200 Cafe2U franchises in Australia, the United Kingdom, New Zealand and South Africa. The existing U.S. franchises are in California, Oregon, Colorado, Georgia and Florida. The company has not said from where the new vans will be based.

“We’re excited to see that people here love Cafe2U coffee just as much as everyone else,” Cafe2U USA President and CEO Scott Bundy said in a company announcement of the expansion, adding that he believes the $19 billion American coffee market will support as many as 1,000 franchises.

The company relies on a model that involves putting a “full café setup inside its vans:”

The back doors open to reveal a $7,000 espresso machine and a $1,000 grinder — better equipment than you’ll find in most coffee shops. The side door opens to a refrigerator full of milk for espresso drinks, gourmet food items, snacks, sodas and energy drinks. The vans follow a Monday-through-Friday route that allows them to serve as the coffee shop for dozens of businesses each day.


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Richard Rose


I’m looking for a mobile coffee van, i can have a pitch on London bridge (London) but it must be a movable vehcele as i’ll be parkinh over a fire hydrant! What fully equipped van do you recommend? I’m in a bit of a hurry to get things moving as i want to get set up as i don’t want to loose this pitch oppertunity, i want something i can drive, 4 wheel, red with the coffee slogan written alover it, i need something i can drive on open the sides or back up and start trading, the space is about 6ft width x 10ft length, power and water no problem, can you give me any ideas? Many thanks Richard.

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