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New Hampshire Roastery Gets Grant for Organic Costs

Conway, N.H.-based Good Vibes Coffee Roasters is the recipient of a USDA federal grant that reimburses certified organic producers up to 75 percent of the cost of maintaining organic certification.

usda organic certification“The certification process requires extensive record-keeping that allows inspectors to track a bag of roasted coffee from the shelf to its organic farm of origin on another continent. The process is time-consuming and expensive,” Good Vibes owner Howard Stanten said in an announcement of the grant.

Added Christian Ganem, Good Vibes Roastmaster, “It’s great to be the beneficiary of a federal program that rewards a small business for working hard to help meet the needs of its customers who want coffee grown without the use of artificial pesticides or fertilizers.”

Good Vibes opened in 2010 after its heads trained with Mane Alves of Coffee Lab International in Vermont. The company uses a Deidrich roaster.

The USDA grant, currently available in 16 states, is most often used by farmers and ranchers for help in organic production costs. More information is available here.


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