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Wisconsin Roastery Converting Fleet to Propane Autogas

Watertown, Wis.-based Berres Brothers Coffee Roasters is converting two of its Ford E-250 vans to run on propane gas, known in automotive applications as autogas. The company hopes the conversion will save some $5,000 per vehicle annually in fuel costs, while displacing nearly 7,000 gallons of gasoline.

berres brothers in wisconsin switching to propane autogasThe conversion is being led by Lancaster, Wis.-based Charter Fuels, a partner in the Alliance AutoGas network, composed of clean fuel providers and certified autogas conversion centers. Berres Brothers is the first coffee company in the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources’ Green Tier Program, which recognizes and rewards organizations dedicated to superior environmental performance.

“Not only will Berres Brothers save around $10,000 in fuel costs with these two autogas vans over the next year, their savings will be even greater with the newly re-instated 50-cents-per-gallon federal alternative fuel tax credit,” Josh Budworth of Charter Fuels said in an announcement of the program. “We already have autogas fueling infrastructure in place for Berres Brothers, and will continue working with them to convert the rest of their 10-vehicle fleet.”

Berres Brothers offers a roster of some 100 specialty coffees to wholesale clients throughout the Midwest.