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Just Love Coffee Roasters Launches Beans for Streams Safe Water Program

Just Love Coffee and Water Step Launch Beans for StreamsMurfreesboro, Tenn.-based Just Love Coffee Roasters is partnering with the Louisville, Ky.-based nonprofit Water Step for a program called Beans for Streams, which will help build clean water systems in developing countries throughout the world.

Just Love has been charity-driven since its inception, first working as a fundraising mechanism for adopting families. Now the company will donate $5 from every bag of coffee its sells to the Beans for Streams program. Following a slogan “One Bag. One Life.” the groups say that a $1 investment in water and sanitation stateside provides between $3-$34 in services in developing countries, and that the $5 investment is the approximate equivalent of saving one life lost due to a lack of drinking water.

For its part, Water Step provides technology and training to empower volunteers and humanitarian professionals in assisting communities in building sustainable water solutions. The group also collects and distributes shoes.


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