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Starbucks Buying Premium Grocery Real Estate with ‘Signature Aisles’

Starbucks is buying up premium spots in grocery stores throughout the United States, as it rolls out heavily branded “Signature Aisles.”

Twenty five of the large grocery kiosks are currently in place in several large grocery chains, offering packaged Starbucks coffees in bags and pods, as well as brewing and drinking accessories. With dark wood paneling, a deep orange corner sconce and a round, illumimated Starbucks logo, the kiosks recall the look of retail installations inside the company’s coffee shops.

Here is a first look at the Starbucks Signature Aisles. For more information, visit the Huffington Post, which got a hold of Starbucks’ director of channel development, Joe Manning, to discuss the massive retail campaign.

Starbucks signature aisles coming to grocery stores

first look at the starbucks grocery aisle kiosk



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