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SCAA to Begin Online Testing for Most Certification Programs

Beginning June 1, the Specialty Coffee Association of America (SCAA) will be conducting knowledge tests for the group’s certificate programs online. Test-takers will require a computer with internet access and a webcam, allowing live monitoring by a proctor.

scaa launching online testing for certification

photo courtesy SCAA

The SCAA says the new online testing, which will be available in 39 languages, will allow for faster turnaround times for reporting and results, as well as quicker awarding of certificates, while making the tests available to a much wider pool of participants throughout the world. Practical tests that require eqipmnent usage will still require on-site attendance at SCAA events and training sessions.

“This initiative represents the culmination of years of member feedback, research, and negotiation,” says Ellie Matuszak, SCAA’s Director of Professional Development. “SCAA professional development programs depend on member feedback and continuous innovation in order to provide the most relevant and impactful programs that help our members advance individual company goals.”

For a list of all SCAA certification programs, including the new taster certification program, click here.


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