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Australian-Style Shop Serving Espressos and Meat Pies Opens in Boston

Cuppa Coffee opens in Boston

Facebook photo courtesy of Cuppa Coffee

Bucking the trend toward individual black coffee brewing in high-end coffee bars, a native Australian today opened a Down Under-inspired coffee bar with a primary focus on espresso drinks and meat pies.

Cuppa Coffee Owner Todd Moore says he was inspired to create a coffee bar that would provide some familiar comfort to native Aussies, especially those from his hometown of Sydney. In addition to espresso-based cappuccinos and lattes, the shop will be serving meat pies from DUB Pies Boston. Moore describes the pies as like “what pizza and a hot dog are to an American.”

All of Cuppa’s coffees, including its selection of drip and iced coffees, are being supplied by Hopkinton, Mass.-based Red Barn Coffee Roasters, which has been supplying Boston-area cafes and restaurants since 1997. Cuppa Coffee is at 1 Merrimac St. at the site of a former Mobil gas station and across the street from the Haymarket T station.

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