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Longtime Barista Sets Up Micro-Shop Inside New Orleans Deli


A longtime Portland and New Orleans barista has set up her own micro-shop, Cherry Coffee, in a corner of Stein’s Market & Deli, in the Lower Garden District.

In a profile in the New Orleans Times-PicayuneLauren Fink says she set up shop with an espresso machine and a Chemex to try to introduce more New Orleans coffee drinkers to delicately crafted espresso drinks and lighter roasted coffees not requiring all the sugary accoutrements found in many other coffee shops.

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“I wanted to bring higher quality coffee to New Orleans,” Fink said. “There are some folks trying, but there needs to be more to create a standard of quality.”

Fink is buying from roasters including Novo Coffee (Denver), Counter Culture (Durham, N.C.), but she told the paper that she plans to rotate coffees from roasters throughout the country.

As Cherry Coffee demonstrates, Third Wave coffee in beignet- and chicory-heavy New Orleans is coming in small but steady packages lately. Mobile craft coffee provider Brigade Coffee Company opened around this time list year.


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