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Calgary-Based Roaster/Retail Chain Good Earth Expanding into Ontario

good earth to open coffee shops in Ontario

Photo by Good Earth Coffeehouse

Good Earth Cafes, the parent company of the Calgary-based Good Earth Coffeehouse chain, has announced plans to expand its reach into Ontario. The chain is presently operating 42 locations in Alberta, British Columbia, and Saskatchewan.

The company’s real estate division is currently evaluating sites in large city centers — including the greater Toronto area and Ottawa — as well as smaller markets like London, Barrie and Oakville. “Smaller markets supported by a university or college like Guelph and Kingston are also on our radar due to the unique nature of these towns and how well the Good Earth resonates with people in university-based communities,” says Good Earth Cafes President Gerry Docherty.

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Initially, Good Earth is seeking multi-unit franchise operators, while single-unit operators may later be sought for smaller markets. “Urban real estate, such as office building and retail developments with excellent street presence and high traffic, are key to the expansion,” Docherty says. “Suburban and neighborhood settings, and non-traditional retail sites such as university campuses, and health-and-wellness facilities, are also targeted.”

Founded in 1991, Good Earth pushes a “Do Good. Feel Good.” motto, promoting fresh its fresh food options such as sandwiches and salads. It is also one of the rare large chain franchises that makes an attempt to connect consumers to the source of its coffees, including profiles of its direct-trade relationships, which are largely throughout the Central and South Americas.


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