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Stone Creek Coffee to Kickoff 20th Anniversary Celebration with Posters Displaying Milwaukee Love

(press release from Stone Creek Coffee)

Milwaukee, WI (November 18, 2013) – Stone Creek Coffee, a family owned Milwaukee business, is turning 20 on December 3, 2013. There are a lot of things brewing that are going to be released over the next few weeks, and the celebration will continue into 2014. First up are posters designed to display Stone Creek Coffee’s love of Milwaukee. Everything from downtown’s War Memorial to their roof-top cup of coffee has been transformed into different styles of design that pay homage to the greats like Lucian Bernhard, Paul Catherall and Josef Muller Brockmann.


“I’ve had a chance to reflect upon our past 20 years, our present, and I’m ready for us to gear up for the future.” said Eric Resch, founder and owner of Stone Creek Coffee. “We’re in it for the long haul and we’re committed to Milwaukee. I can’t think of a better place for our business. The nod to the past, present and future sums up the theme of the things we’ll be sharing with our customers over the next few weeks. We want to celebrate our past, but also be very open with our customers about wanting to deconstruct it to rebuild something different. Similar to my life, the context has changed but I’m still the same person. We want to create a new and exciting context for our customers while still staying true to our beliefs. These posters exhibit the understated simplicity that the next generation of Stone Creek Coffee intends to embrace into our brand.”

There will be ten posters available at first, with more designs to come. All profits for the Hoan Bridge poster will be given to Local First, an alliance of independent businesses that support each other while strengthening and educating the Milwaukee community. Included in this selection are posters that have been created and displayed at Stone Creek Coffee’s Radio Milwaukee cafe. These first ten posters will be available online beginning Tuesday, November 19:


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