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First Look: Danny Trejo-Approved Cartel Coffee in Tucson

cartel coffee in Tucson

If you’re anywhere near Tucson, Ariz., tomorrow, you should most definitely stop in at 210 E. Broadway Ave. to join the grand opening celebration of Tempe-based Cartel Coffee Lab‘s second shop in the city. The Cartel team has a collective affinity for craft beer, live music and good food, all of which will be nicely represented at the party. Plus, it’s a pretty great venue:

All photos by Cartel Coffee

All photos by Cartel Coffee


This Broadway shop adds to the roastery and retailer’s growing roster of shops in Tempe, Phoenix, Scottsdale and Tucson — what appears to be a small and growing empire behind owner Jason Silberschlag and roastmaster Paul Haworth.

“Starting a coffee shop in the desert has been very interesting,” Silberschlag says. “I didn’t have any expectation that be would fail, but I didn’t actually have any expectation that it would be successful either…selling a 180-degree beverage in 120-degree weather.”

A plug from Danny Trejo can’t hurt:

Danny Trejo drinking coffee


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