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Life & Thyme Journeys Through Morning Coffee in Los Angeles

Life & Thyme coffee gallery

If you love good food and good photography and you’re not familiar with Los Angeles-based Life & Thyme, get familiar.

Led by founder Antonio Diaz, the creative team of food documentarians has recently put out a photo journey through parts of the Los Angeles retail coffee scene, including visits to Handsome Coffee, Stumptown and the Daily Dose. In his intro, Diaz writes:

Now, when I see a coffee bean, I don’t just see my addiction. I see how one humble product has played such an integral part in bringing people together around the globe—specifically in facilitating the meeting of new acquaintances, friends, and maybe, just maybe, the love of your life. Inviting someone for a cup of coffee is a safe and sacred arrangement. The coffeeshop is neutral grounds, whereas lunch or dinner may seem too stifling (lunch and dinner meetings are a constant dance between eating and trying to keep the conversation going).

The full Life & Thyme story and photo gallery.


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