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Gianni Spinazzola, founder of, announces their newest environmentally friendly single-serve coffee and espresso machine. Since 2003 customers have been able to order the original eco-friendly single-serve coffee and espresso  pods at The coffee and espresso machine uses only paper coffee pods made from eco-friendly material. Gianni wants to stop hurting the environment with unnecessary plastic cups used in most single-serve coffee machines.

The newest member of the family, the eBOX single-serve coffee and espresso machine uses coffee pods that are encased in 100% biodegradable, non-bleached paper that will not leave environmental waste as plastic do. “Our goal is to eliminate the plastic waste from plastic cups used in other single-serve coffee machines. The eBOX will help the environment with the eco-friendly coffee and espresso pods,” says Gianni.

Plastic products are made of non-bio-degradable materials, which may take many years to break down, if at all. The chemicals used in making plastic containers such as the ones used for single-serve coffee and espresso machines are toxic and are made from contaminating drinking water. “Studies show that heated plastic releases chemicals that are harmful to our health,” says Judith Spinazzola, Managing Partner at

After two years of trial and error, the world’s first machine to brew both coffee and espresso pods was born and is ready for production. Gianni Spinazzola has begun an Indiegogo campaign to fund the costs for tooling and the mass production of the eBOX single-serve coffee and espresso pod machines. Supporters who give $119 will receive a white or black coffee machine. Those who give $149 will receive the eBOX with 50 coffee and espresso pods. “No matter how many cups of coffee you drink per day, you will spend less on coffee pods and at the same time cut plastic landfill waste by 100%!” says Spinazzola.

To learn more about Gianni Spinazzola’s plan for the project and how to contribute to the current Indiegogo campaign, click here.

About was founded in 2003 by Gianni Spinazzola, founder of LLC. The website is the first dedicated to bringing the single serve E.S.E espresso and coffee pods to the public. The company strives to help the environment by offering superior single-serve coffee and espresso machines that use eco-friendly pods.


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What’s sad is that people have gotten the equation of Reduce, Reuse, Recycle all backwards in terms of priority. Nobody cares about the unnecessary materials extraction, production, and additional shipping/fuel weights that have been designed into these machines to begin with.

Just wave the “recyclable” magic wand, and all your environmental sins vanish. Offer a disposable life-size cardboard Starbucks with each coffee serving, and all is good with the world as long as the materials are recyclable.

Eco-friendly must mean more than just recycled products. It needs to eliminate the wasted materials and packaging to begin with.

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