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La Mula Natural Geisha Produced by Willem Boot Wins First Place at “Best of Panama 2014”

Photo by Boot Coffee Consultng

Photo by Boot Coffee Consultng

(Press Release from Boot Coffee. Claims not verified or endorsed by Daily Coffee News.)

On the 10th of May, The Specialty Coffee Association of Panama announced that La Mula Natural Geisha, produced by Willem Boot, became first in the annual competition “Best of Panama” 2014.

Finca La Mula, a farm that was planted by Boot in 2007, participated for the very first time in the prestigious Best of Panama, which included more than 50 Geisha varietal coffee lots. When Dutch born Willem Boot first tasted Geisha in 2004 as a judge during the first public Geisha cupping session, he was blown away by this unique, exotic flavor profile. The experience inspired him to become a Geisha coffee farmer and to launch his efforts to discover the origins of the Geisha varietal.

Willem Boot: “I truly feel elated by this fantastic result. Creating Finca La Mula was an utterly challenging and inspiring journey due to the intricacies of growing Geisha. I had never expected to take first place, for which I specifically thank Kelly Hartmann, our farm manager.”

Finca La Mula, a 5 hectares forest farm, is located above the town of Portrerillos, near the Boquete Valley on the slopes of the Baru volcano at an elevation of 5,500 to 5,900 feet (1700 to 1800 meters).

Willem Boot is the founder and CEO of Boot Coffee, Mill Valley CA, where he consults and trains coffee professionals from all over the world.


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