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Meet Katie, The Jets Cheerleader Who Can School You In New York Coffee

new york jets flight crew cheerleaders

New York Jets photo.

Say what you will about the institution of NFL cheerleading, the job itself is physically and emotionally demanding, and as several recent lawsuits suggest, it pays squat. As one of the veterans of the New York Jets cheer team, called the Flight Crew, Katie has been enthusiastically radiating team spirit for four seasons. Her secret weapon? Coffee, naturally.

Like most NFL franchises, the Jets often profile individual cheerleaders with lots of action photos and often fluffy premises like Cassandra’s “Favorite Childhood Gift” (spoiler alert: a puppy), or Brie’s “Bring Some Bling to Your Holiday Attire.” Not so with the Jets cheerleader only identified as Katie. She gets right to the heart of the matter, answering the impossible question of where to drink coffee in New York.

“You could say I’m slightly addicted,” Katie wrote today. “My coffee addiction has inspired me to discover and try new local coffee shops around New York City.” She goes on to offer three of her current favorites from her running list of independent coffee destinations, including:

Culture Espresso — 38th St., Midtown

Says Katie: “The coffee, cappuccinos and lattes are all delicious, but if you want to mix it up, order the ‘flat white’ — an Australian latte made with an even blend of froth and liquid, my favorite!”

culture espresso midtown manhattan

Foursquare photo.

Stumptown Coffee — 29th St., Ace Hotel

Says Katie: “With great baristas who are kind and quick, they are sure to leave a great lasting impression. A classic latte is my definite go-to — it’s simple but savory.”

Stumptown Ace hotel new york

Stumptown Coffee photo

Empire Coffee & Tea — 9th Ave., Hell’s Kitchen

A bit of an outlier on the list, Empire is praised by Katie for its value and variety. Says Katie: “I would recommend ordering one of their delicious lattes. My go-to is the ‘Almond Joy,’ a blend of coffee, milk, chocolate and coconut — the perfect combination of flavors!”

Empire coffee and tea new york

Foursquare photo

Jets fans could use a little pick-me-up this season, and we thank Katie for giving them some direction.


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