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Alton Brown Wants You to Help Build His 2015 Coffee Roadmap

alton brown drinking coffee

Alton Brown enjoying a drink from his favorite New York coffee bar, Ninth Street Espresso. Car selfie via Facebook.

Where Alton Brown goes, people follow. It’s not charisma alone. He’s built his celebrity and influence — including numerous New York Times best-selling books, foodie road shows, multiple James Beard awards and a Peabody award for excellence in broadcast news — on food smarts.

Just ask Andrew Gough, owner of Reverie Coffee Roasters in Wichita, Kansas, which last week was named on Brown’s “Top Coffee Stops from AB Road Eats 2014.” He recently told the Wichita Eagle’s Denise Neil:

“We’ve had a number of customers who have specifically said, ‘I’m here because Alton came here,’” Gough said. “I’m a big fan personally, and I’ve always been, so it was kind of like meeting a rock star for me.”

Now Brown wants you, coffee illuminati, to tell him where to go. He is soon to embark on a 37-city tour called Edible Inevitable, and he’s looking for roaster/retailer recommendations. If Brown’s 2014 list is any indication, he’s not looking for tourist traps or the “best diner coffee” or anything of that ilk. He wants seriously good coffee and signature espresso drinks, sourced roasted and brewed with care.

Despite 2014 tour stops in some of America’s most renowned coffee cities, Brown’s recent list is a refreshing departure from the beaten path. He sought out shops in smaller markets such including Wichita, Kansas (Reverie Coffee Roasters, Espresso to Go), Harrisburg, Pa. (Little Amps Coffee Roasters), and Buffalo, New York (Public Espresso), helping shine the light for fellow road-trippers.

Want to help create Alton Brown’s 2015 coffee roadmap? He’s taking recommendations here.



Jon Jon

Cartel coffee lab in phoenix, check us out. We roast our own beans, as well as buying directly from the farmers. We’re not called the “coffee lab” for a reason we have the science to back up a good quality cup of coffee.

Btw I’ve been a fan for years.

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