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A Science-Lite Rap Battle About Caffeine and Roast Depth Exists

Nick Uhas coffee rap

Uhas has some facts for you.

Reality TV “star” Nick Uhas — he was the second person eliminated in the 15th season of “Big Brother” — last year launched an educational YouTube science series called Nickipedia, in which he explores subjects like “Hate the Sound of Chewing?” and “11 Crazy Spider Facts.”

At long last, Uhas has tackled coffee, asking the age-old question, “Why does coffee make you poop?” In another coffee video, Uhas is one of three people involved in an rap battle on the subject of caffeine and how its levels are affected by roast depth and variety.

We’re not quite sure who this educational video is for. It’s a bit light in the science department and there is something very Nickelodeon-esque about it, although Uhas drops a PG-plus A-bomb on the line, “light can kiss my ass cuz’ dark’s the better roast.” Hip-hop education is still in its infancy.

Here you have it — two minutes and 33 seconds you’ll never get back: