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Let’s Talk Coffee 2015 Coming to Brazil for the First Time, in Espirito Santo

Fatima Ismael Let's Talk Coffee

Fatima Ismael of the Soppexcca cooperative in Nicaragua speaking at a recent Let’s Talk Coffee event in Nicaragua.

Registration is now open for the 2015 edition of Let’s Talk Coffee, an annual event put on by green coffee importer Sustainable Harvest that seeks to bring together players throughout the coffee supply chain.

Following last year’s event in Panama, this year’s Let’s Talk Coffee will take place for the first time in Brazil, in Guaraparí, a coastal city in the Espirito Santo growing region. Naturally, the event will have a particular focus on Brazil and its coffees, including programs on the country’s growing regions, processing methods, technological innovations and the emerging specialty robusta sector.

“There will also be some non-Brazil sessions, including explorations of responsible sourcing practices and the changing world of coffee varieties,” the Sustainable Harvest team said in an announcement of the 2015 event.

Let's Talk Coffee 2014 group photo.

Let’s Talk Coffee 2014 group photo.

The company has expanded its event reach over the past two years, including additional events under variations of the Let’s Talk Coffee name in multiple producing and consuming countries, while adding a Let’s Talk Cocoa event in 2014.

Here’s more straight from Sustainable Harvest on the event coming to Brazil, which it is now referring to as Let’s Talk Coffee Global:

Registration for this year’s Let’s Talk Coffee is $950—a significantly lower cost than in recent years. Attendees should plan to fly into Vitória on September 10. The next two days will be devoted to the program, with thought leaders from inside and outside the industry delivering their insights on timely topics. On September 13 attendees will take a field trip to a coffee farm in Espirito Santo, which has a diverse landscape of farms that produce both Arabica and Specialty Robusta. Attendees can plan to head home on September 14.

While recent Let’s Talk Coffees have grown from year to year, the 2015 event will be a more intimate conference harkening back to early Let’s Talk Coffees. Because of the size, registration will be limited; attendees should sign up today to register a spot. As always, Let’s Talk Coffee will feature a broad spectrum of participants representing the entire specialty-coffee industry, including producers, roasters, NGO representatives, government officials, and media members.

U.S.-based attendees planning to come to Let’s Talk Coffee 2015 will need a Brazil visa and should apply as soon as possible, as the visas take several weeks to process. Instructions on how to apply for the visa can be found here.


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