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Nespresso Releases 556-Page Book, ‘The Craft and Science of Coffee’

nespresso elsevier craft and science of coffee

Nespresso has launched The Craft and Science of Coffee, a 556-page book available in hardcover or electronically that explores coffee through a scientific lens through 21 stages of the seed to cup process, while attempting to broaden readers’ collective understanding of problematic issues, potential solutions and relationships throughout the coffee chain.

Pitched to coffee consumers and industry professionals alike, the book was published last month by the Academic Press division of Elsevier, a leading global publisher of science-, health- and technology-focused texts. While it’s natural to be skeptical of Nespresso’s intentions in getting into the publishing game, the book itself is ambitious in its scope and depth, and Nespresso says all royalties will be placed in the Nespresso AAA Farmers Future Program, the brand’s savings fund for coffee farmers in Colombia.

Edited by Nestlé Nespresso SA Coffee Science Manager Britta Folmer, the book includes author contributions from 61 coffee and science professionals, while leaning on the expertise of an impressive editorial advisory board that included conservationist Christopher Wille, Nestlé’s Imre Blank, Federal University of Rio de Janeiro Professor Adriana Farah, SCA’s Peter Giuliano, and Goodbrand Founder Dean Sanders.

‘‘We have covered it all in the book, from cherry to cup, but also presented the key issues faced by the coffee industry, solution proposals and thought leadership initiatives,” Folmer said in an announcement of the publication. “It has been a great pleasure to work with such respected expert voices in the industry and delve into their knowledge and perspectives to present in conjunction with Nespresso.”

An independent advisor and consultant in the environmental conservation and sustainability sector, Wille added, “The intention of the book is to broaden the views of readers who may be experts in specific areas but would value insight into the challenges and opportunities of the whole value chain and apply it to their own research. But also for people within the industry who would like to get a deeper insight into the scientific developments explained in an accessible manner.”

The Craft and Science of Coffee, 1st Edition is available through Elsevier in hardcover or electronic versions for $125, or bundled for $150.


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Greg Costello

We can talk about sustainability and business and numbers but we see the most success in specialty with smart farmers who stay ontop of their rust, spacing and varietals. Planting varietals regardless of disease resistance that win on cupping tables.

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