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Jura Introduces the Giga 5

Press Release from 1st in Coffee:

Jura’s GIGA 5 is destined to create a luxurious new super-premium niche in automatic coffee centers, setting new standards in performance, design and perfection to fulfill the coffee lover’s every dream.

The first Jura model pre-programmed with an expanded menu of 12 barista coffee specialties, including Irish coffee, Pepresso, Mango Lassi and White Cool, it provides step-by-step instructions with inviting images and helpful text on the large color screen. The user can also select from a variety of coffee classics, from espresso to latte macchiato, prepared perfectly one or two cups at a time at the touch of one button, without moving the cup.

Jura Giga 5It is also first Jura model with a powerful combination of two high-performance ceramic disc grinders that adjust electronically for quick, precise, consistent grinding just before brewing. Fill one bean container with decaf beans and the other with regular, or put a dark roast in one and light in the other. The user can choose which beans to use each time a cup is brewed, or customize the blend by selecting how much to grind from each bean container into the same cup. Each container features an aroma preservation seal to keep beans fresher.

The GIGA 5 is the first in the Jura line that can prepare two coffee specialty beverages at once. Variable dual spouts with four dispensers (two for coffee and two for milk) are height- and width- adjustable to accommodate a variety of cups. Thanks to Jura’s exclusive fine foam technology, it creates barista-quality finely steamed milk or textured foam with feather-like consistency.

Another GIGA 5 innovation is adjustable Venti Ports. To ensure optimum performance in the machine, which produces heat and steam from two grinders and two heating systems, these Venti Ports automatically adjust to supply an ample amount of fresh air while providing for release of the appropriate amount of heat and steam during preparation.

The GIGA 5 creates a new standard of excellence in automatic coffee centers. The Jura GIGA 5 is sold at  with an actual price of $5,499. Jura offers a variety of automatic coffee centers, with actual retails ranging from $679 to $5,499.