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Coffee and Wine Shine at New Dallas Hybrid Bar Ascension

Ascension coffee and wine bar


A new coffee and wine bar hybrid, Ascension, will be the first of its kind in Dallas’ Design District when it officially opens this Friday.

Restaurateur Russell Hayward is recently told Pegasus News that the coffee and wine bar is based on the use of convertible spaces, with the drinks taking center stage and helping inform a small food menu during lunch and dinner hours.

“Anyone who appreciates coffee can appreciate wine,” Hayward told the News. “They belong together.”

Here’s more on the coffee shop from News reporter Tiney Ricciardi:

Once Ascension is running full force, customers will have the choice of coffee brewed five ways: by French press; siphon (an old method done atop a Bunsen burner); Chemex (a scientific technique using a beaker and thick filter); V60 pour over (another filtered approach normally for lighter coffees); or cold brew. Espresso will also be a specialty by way of the Synesso Hydra Hybrid machine, which has a manual paddle press as well as two automatic or volumetric group heads. This shiny piece costs a pretty penny – more than $20,000, actually – and is the only one of its kind in Texas, according to Hayward.

The restaurant is reportedly working with Richardson, Texas-based Coffee Eiland, a roastery owned by Clay Eiland, who uses a 1969 Probat UG22.


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