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DC Coffee Bar Opens with Focus on Simplicity and Quality

the coffee bar washington dc

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By its name, you might guess the modus operandus of Washington D.C.’s latest retail addition, The Coffee Bar.

TCB just opened near the 14th and U Street corridors in a historic D.C. neighborhood, offering a simple program of food and coffees, the latter supplied by Annapolis, Md.-based Ceremony Coffee Roasters, L.A.’s Handsome Coffee Roasters and Olympia, Wash.- and Georgia-based Batdorf & Bronson.

The drink menu includes coffee brews and espresso drinks, as well as a daily p.m. pour over menu.

Here’s more from the TCB team, fronted by owner Cait Lowry:

TCB opened in late 2012 in the Historic U Street and Logan Circle area of Washington DC.  We strive to serve up delicious coffee in a fun and inviting atmosphere!  We want to make specialty coffee accessible to everyone, from your average Joe (pun intended) to the coffee connoisseur.

Our building was built in 1880, making it one of the more historic buildings in the area.  In keeping with this historic legacy, we have taken as our theme reclaimed and recycled materials…green, yes; cozy for sure!

We love coffee.  Like really, really love coffee.  We believe caffeine is its own food group.  Our fanatic baristas are hardworking and highly caffeinated.  We are “Coffee Geeks” and proud of it!

At TCB, we are committed to serving up great espresso and amazing brews.  Choose from our AM “on tap” brew selection or our afternoon pour over menu.  We like to keep it fresh, providing a steady stream of seasonal offerings from our select roasters.  Oh, and we don’t do grande….