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Kansas City Roaster Correctly Opens New Coffee Bar

inside oddly correct coffee

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Oddly Correct, a Kansas City (Mo.) roastery and wholesale provider that has experienced steady growth since it was created four years ago by owner Gregory Kolsto, has opened a new retail cafe at 3940 Main St.

Oddly Correct Coffee Roasters offers a simple program of by-the-cup (Chemex, pourover) coffees, as well as espresso. The shop is open 7 a.m. to 3 p.m. Monday through Saturday. Here’s a brief description of Oddly Correct’s nano-centric M.O.:

We are Oddly Correct Coffee Roasters, serving the nano coffee needs of the believer in the nano consumer lifestyle. We aim to increase the status quo of specialty coffee in Kansas City through quality, art, and service.


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Al Brown

Oddly Correct Kansas City, Mo. Great pourover coffee, great roast and space, but. The service is inconsistent, childishly pretentious, and superficially concerned about the customers needs; but not. Sadly, after a number of visits and four bad f$&kups I will not be going back. Bad service is, unfortunately, a trademark of Kansas City, and I was hoping this might be different.

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