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Philly Coffee Truck Favorite HubBub Has New Retail Cafe

A longtime Philadelphia coffee truck owner has opened a brick-and-mortar location in Philadelphia’s Center City. Brad Crockett opened a HubBub Coffee shop at 3 Logan Square yesterday, reportedly serving coffees from Philadelphia’s ReAnimator Coffee and Portland’s Stumptown, as well as espresso from a La Marzocco machine.

hub bub coffee center cityCrockett’s HubBub Coffee truck is expected to take back to the streets next week. The truck has been a favorite among locals in the University City area since 2009. Here’s more from HubBub Coffee:

At HubBub® Coffee, we believe that there is a story in every cup. Great coffee is the result of collaboration between and among farmers, roasters, and baristas with shared values – to create unique coffee experiences.

HubBub® Coffee was brewed up with a creative spirit and an ambitious objective – to connect people through coffee experiences by focusing on the coffee’s origin and its preparation. As a result, we are a company for people who seek more than the status quo in their coffee beverages, and it is our goal to put a little HubBub® in everyone’s life. We bring craft roasted coffee and espresso from a variety of roasters to you in the hopes that you will share your story with others.

The HubBub Coffee truck

The HubBub Coffee truck



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