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New Subscription Service Caters to Nerdy Palates

A Bay City, Mich.-based subscription company hopes to stand out from the pack by being nerdier than the rest. Backed by a modest $500 indiegogo campaign, Nerds Coffee plans to launch next month, offering coffees from roasters throughout the U.S. and Canada.

coffee nerds subscription serviceBut there is a twist: Each shipment will contain four 100-gram bags of unmarked coffee. Subscribers can visit the Nerds website to find the current roster of roasters and coffees, along with some tasting notes. Then it will be up to the subscribers and their discerning palates to connect the dots.

Here’s more from the Nerds team:

Every month they will be receiving single origin samples from roasters all across the United States and Canada. The coffees are then put through blind brewing and cupping, which will narrow the box down to four worthy coffees. The customer has to figure out which coffee is which by using tasting notes and twitter to interact with other Coffee Nerds.This service is designed to cater to Coffee Nerds. People who love their coffee. People who love to debate about coffee. The Nerd Boxes will contain 4×100 gram bags of coffee from four different roasters. The coffee that is sent out will be a mystery to the subscriber at first. The website will show the current lineup of roasters and the coffee that is in the box. It is up to the subscriber to utilize our tasting notes they develop through cupping and various brewing methods. Each coffee will have its own separate Twitter, where the subscribers will be able to interact with each other, discuss that coffee, and use our website’s information to try and figure out which of the four coffees they are tasting.