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Portland Startup Hoping to Raise $80,000 for Mason Jar French Press

Bucket using crowd funding for French press

The Portland Press

Two Portland entrepreneurs are hoping to raise $80,000 through crowd funding to put into production the Portland Press, a French press built around a mason jar.

Created by Brian Kappa and Rob Story, the Portland Press features a replaceable mason jar is the inner wall, a maple top, steel interior components and an insulating wool sleeve. The pair, under the company name Bucket, say the press is made “in and around Portland,” adding “the typical french press is still made overseas, out of plastic and cheap glass that breaks easily and costs a lot to replace.”

As of this writing, Kappa and Story had raised $16,900 toward their $80,000 goal on Crowd Supply, a crowd funding platform that helps product developers meet production costs, and then serves as an online marketplace once the product is manufactured. In the crowd funding phase, the Portland Press is selling for $99.